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REMDII (Care Series) Care Cooling Snow Cream (30g)
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REMDII® Care Cooling Snow Cream: CHILLY ICE PACK WHAT IS THIS? - An itch relief cream - Instantly soothe severe dry and itchy skin - Infused with encapsulated menthol built with timed released technology WHAT’S SO SPECIAL? Encapsulated menthol built with timed released technology > slow release of menthol for longer lasting cooling sensation Significant reduction of itchiness by 50% upon first single application SUITABLE FOR? ✔ Dry, itchy and delicate sensitive skin ✔ Adults and children above 2 years of age FORMULATION? ✔ Encapsulated menthol ✔ Snowy texture ✔ No paraben, steroids, fragrance HOW TO USE? Use anytime as needed when skin is dry, itchy or REMDII is 100% made in Malaysia, started in the research laboratory of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). All REMDII products are science and research based supported by studies and clinical trials, curated to work effectively on very dry and sensitive

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